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QCamera - Setting resolution of captured preview image using QImageEncoderSettings does not work

  • I am trying to capture images via QCamera API using Qt 4.7.3 & QtMoblity 1.1.1 on Symbian^3 devices - Nokia N8 & E7.
    The default resolution of the captured image (available via signal QCameraImageCapture::imageCaptured(int , const QImage &)) is 640x480.

    I want to capture the images at much higher resolutions (of-course the ones supported by the device camera).
    I tried changing the setting using e.g.:

    viewFinder = new QGraphicsVideoItem();
    viewFinder->setSize(QSizeF(640, 360));

    imageCapture = new QCameraImageCapture(camera);

    QImageEncoderSettings imageSettings;
    imageSettings.setResolution(1600, 1200);


    However the resulting resolution of the captured image remains unchanged - 640x480.
    Even I tried changing the setting after the camera is in active state, but no luck.

    By any chance the Symbian camera back-end dose not support these settings as yet ?
    Any other way to change the resolution of the captured image (except scaling the captured image) ?

    Any help is much appreciated.

  • The signal imageCapture() send just a preview image - which obviously is low res. The real photo is send with imageSaved() -- either a disk file or a buffer (if the N8 implementation supports that).

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