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Qt 5.7.0 Static + QtCrypto = compile error

  • Hello guys!

    I do want to get some better understanding in compiling from source so i did compile Qt 5.7.0 shared, static and static with runtime. I still use VC2013. So far i managed to get QtFtp and some other tools working with static and shared builds but QtCrypto (qca 2.2.0) did not compile so far.

    C4273: 'QCA::Provider::Context::qt_static_metacall' : inconsistent dll linkage
    C2491: 'QCA::Provider::Context::staticMetaObject' : definition of dllimport static data member not allowed

    Guess i got the latest version from


    Did a lot of try and error but so far without luck. Is there a way, maybe by editing the "CMakeLists.txt"?


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    I haven't done any static compilation of QCA but there's a QT_IS_STATIC in the src CMakeLists.txt. Might be worth playing with it.

    Hope it helps