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Weird problem after installing unity3d "could not find or load the qt platform plugin windows"

  • Hello everyone i have no idea what the hell is "qt" i just wanted to install unity3d and after that i have this error: "this application failed to start because it could not find or load the qt platform plugin windows" application im trying to use is Mod Organizer for Skyrim(game) i tried to find solution but i have no idea what the hell people talking about every solution is connected with "qt" and like i said i dont know what is this and i dont have qt on my pc.
    btw i tried some other applications and works fine.
    i also had to install microsoft visual maybe this cause a problem

    i have windows 10

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt is a cross-platform toolkit that allows to write your code once and deploy it everywhere.

    Do you mean that unit3d is giving you this error ?

  • No, i got this error after install unity3d and microsoft visual c++, and its shows when i try to use/run Mod Organizer its application for skyrim

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    Ok, then take a look at both the content in unity3D and Mod Organizer to see if you find any libQtSomething in there.

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    Qt is a programming library used to create applications. Mod Organizer is an application that uses it.

    The problem has nothing to do with Unity. I took a peek in the Mod Organizer zip and it is missing platform plugin files. You should contact the author of this tool and let him know he forgot to include all necessary files in the installer/zip. You could add this file yourself, but unfortunately there are many many different versions of it and only one of them will work. Only the author of Mod Organizer will know which one (he might have even made it himself) to use.

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