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Qt Bluetooth on iOS

  • Hi All

    I tried to search for an answer for my query. It seems trivial, but I cant find an answer yet.

    I am trying to run a program using Qt Bluetooth on iOS. I am able to use it successfully on MacOS.

    But even the most basic feature of code like :

    QBluetoothLocalDevice localDevice;
    QString localDeviceName;
    // Check if Bluetooth is available on this device
    if (localDevice.isValid()) {
        // Turn Bluetooth on
        // Read local device name
        localDeviceName = localDevice.name();
        // Make it visible to others
        // Get connected devices
        QList<QBluetoothAddress> remotes;
        remotes = localDevice.connectedDevices();
        ui->textBrowser->setText(localDevice.name() + "\n" + localDevice.address().toString());

    gives me a null vector as the address.

    Is there some specific settings needed to run it in iOS. Do I need to add certain flags on info.plist file? Kindly suggest.

    For information, I am using Qt 5.7 and xcode 8, programming on a macOS Sierra macbook and building it for iOS10.

    Many Thanks

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