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How to integate or install vlc qt lib with qt creator mingw

  • Hello Guys,
    I new to qt and I want to build avideo player which uses vlc qt lib. So i want to install the vlc qt lib. I have install qt creator mingw on windows 10. Please anybody can tell me the step by step procedure to install the vlc qt lib

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    Like I already wrote in your other thread, there's a file that explains how to build and install the vlc-qt project. For VLC itself you have their wiki page.

    If you need more information, you should consider contacting the VLC folks.

  • Hello i read the document but I dont understand it. If you can simplify or tell me the procedure I will be glad.

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    What exactly didn't you understand ?

  • Actually I dont know how to use Cmake. Secondly, I dont have any idea what is the next step to do. I have install the qt mingw and I have the vlc qt lib downloaded. how cmake can intergrate the vlc qt lib. I installed the cmake and i have to pass the source code path and the binary build path. So I dont know what path to be passed here. Could you tell me.

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    Even if you don't know cmake, the file shows step by step what you should do, the only thing you need to modify is the paths used to locate VLC.

    For the rest, start a Qt MinGW console for which the shortcut should be in the start menu somewhere.

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