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How to deploy strings.xml on Android app?

  • I've using Firebase Cloud Messaging to send notiications to my app. One option in FCM is show the notification message with a localized string that can be found on the strings.xml file provided by the client app. How can create and deploy the Android strings.xml files?

    On QT Creator I've created strings.xml under res/values directory, and it appears on the .pri file under DIST_FILES:

    DISTFILES += \
        android/AndroidManifest.xml \
        android/gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar \
        android/gradlew \
        android/res/values/libs.xml \
        android/build.gradle \
        android/gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.properties \
        android/gradlew.bat \
        $$PWD/android/res/values/strings.xml \
        $$PWD/android/res/values-es/strings.xml \

    but when the application is created, the APK file doesn't contain the strings.xml files.

  • It works! The error was in the server side.

    The strings.xml are correctly created like appears in the sample. In the APK can't view the strings.xml files because they are included into the .dex file.

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