Linux debugging has failed error

  • using Qtcreator 5.7 on Centos 6.8 with freshly installed GDB 7.11/python 2.7.12, when running .pro (generate from qt5.5) I get "debugging has failed" message when try to run in debug mode but fine when just running. any idea?

    is there anyway to check under Qtcreator which GDB/python is using? I have multiple version of GDB/python installed

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    Where do you find that message - Issues, Debugger console, General messages?
    There's only one python helper as far as I know, but the debuggers you can check in Tools > Options > Build & Run in the Debuggers tab.

  • @kshegunov

    I found it under application output console, there aren't any additional message in other console.
    debugging starts
    debugging failed
    debugging finished.

  • anyway to know which GDB/python QT is using in the QT in the QT build&run/debugger it detect 2 GDB, one is the older version and one is new. is it possible QT is using the old one or maybe the new GDB didn't compile with newer python?

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    Just check if the debugger that's selected in the Kit exists - check if the path to the executable is valid and you can call it from the command line.

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