Application Output - End button Not Disable

  • Hi,

    I was created QDialog for capture camera data. Its working good. i have doubt on,

    1. Just Application Run & End :OK
      Build-> Run-> Application open -> clicked close button from top right corner -> Dialog closed -> QT Creator's Application end button disabled perfectly [/home/Proj/build/Test exited with code 0].

    2. Application Run with Camera data capture process & End : PROBLEM
      Build-> Run-> Application open ->Start Capture -> Stop Capture -> clicked close button from top right corner -> Dialog closed -> QT Creator's Application end button Still Enabled [Starting /home/Proj/build/Test... - here not exited with code 0].

    What is the reason?
    How can i recover from this problem?

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    Probably your application hangs on exit. Break the execution (use the pause button in the debug view) when that happens (case 2) and extract a stack trace to see where the problem might lie.

    Kind regards.

  • @kshegunov
    No hanging problem while exit.
    So i like to print the message using qDebug().

        if(startcapture)  on_StopCapture();
        delete ui;
        qDebug() << "deleted ui";

    Dialog open and Close (No Data Capture Process):
    Starting /home/Proj/build/Test...
    deleted ui
    /home/Proj/build/Test exited with code 0

    Dialog open with Data Capture Process then close:
    Starting /home/Proj/build/Test...
    Start Capture
    End Capture
    deleted ui
    Note: After calls destructor function, More then 60 to 100 seconds taken to end the application normally like - /home/Proj/build/Test exited with code 0

    What is the reason?

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    Hi @Meenu,

    Please show us the code on how you start and stop the camera

  • used timer concept to capture camera data.

    void timer_handler(void)
    void Dialog::on_StartCapture()//button clicked
      if(start_timer(1000, &timer_handler))
        printf("\n timer error\n");
    void Dialog::on_StopCapture()//button clicked

    I have one more problem.
    I like to use more than one timer in my application using this timer concept. I tired but single timer only execute(which one is last defined). Kindly clear me.

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