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How to bind Qml with .H and .CPP?

  • Dear All,

    I am creating an mobile app using qt5.7/ESRI ArcGIS Runtime SDK for qt 100.0.0.
    Objective of the project: Display the maps in the mobile devices

    Project Flow:
    Login.qml [Authentication successful] -> MapList.Qml[List the product] -> DisplayMap.Qml [Display the Map]

    As a requirement, I had created an Login.qml and authentication done in .qml itself.
    Now I have to list the map, I created 3 files [MapList.qml/MapList.h/MapList.cpp] But, I don't know how to link the MapList.h and MapList.cpp with MapList.qml, Since I have to write the Events/BusinessLogic in MapList.cpp.
    [similar to .net]

    Am I doing the right approach? If it so, How should MapList.qml must be wired with MapList.h/MapList.cpp ?

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