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Can't save Qt 5.7 project

  • Hi,
    Today I tried to save my project and I received a message:

    "Error while saving file C:\Programming\Projects\Folkfriends_1\additem.h. Disk full?"
    I can save any other files in the project but additem.h.

    I also noticed that Qt generates several different file types (like additem.h.BB1664, additem.h.LI1664, additem.h.QM1664, additem.h.zi1664).

    The disk is definitely not full (half empty). I can save anything from other programs. Any idea what to do?
    Thank you.

  • @gabor53 said:

    The disk is definitely not full (half empty)

    Have you ensured that it's not half full?

    I have faced a similar problem a few days ago. The solution was to close & re-open QtCreator. If the problem persists, remove the file from the project (make sure that you dont check the "Delete from disk" checkbox in the dialog) and then add it again.

    The files with the suffix that you mention are temporary files created by QtCreator. When I remember correctly those are created when you compile without saving the current modifications or when you close without saving (recovery files). But I might be wrong, somebody else might give the correct answer.

  • Thank you.it worked.

  • @Joel-Bodenmann
    Few hours ago I started to work again, and I ended up with the same problem. Deleting - re-adding the file didn't work. Any more ideas what to do? Thank you.

  • I'm afraid I don't have any answer to this. I'd recommend you to ask in the proper forum. Maybe a mod can move the topic for you (looking at @mrjj).

    Meanwhile, have you tried to open, edit & save the file in an external application while it's also opened in QtCreator? This would help to identify whether something screwed up on the file-system level or whether QtCreator is on it's period.

    If you are really desperate and you have a lot of time try to figure out whether it happens with another project too. If it does, I'd recommend re-installing QtCreator as that is quite easy & quickly to do. If you are really desperate but don't have a lot of time you can go for that straight away. Re-installing definitely shouldn't hurt in any case.
    I'm recommending this because I don't know how to help you otherwise. I really hope that someone else comes along here...

  • After reinstalling Qt I still have the same problem.

  • Did you try to modify & save the file in an external application? Is it possible that your files got marked as read-only?

  • @Joel-Bodenmann It seemed to be turned into a read only file. I dixed that so I'll see how it goes.

  • @gabor53
    I reinstalled Qt, I even switched back to 5.6 but the problem remained. Is it possible to mess up the Qt setting for the project or the code to trigger the disk full message? It not happen with other project.
    Thank you.

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