Unexpected CDB Exit

  • Hello,

    a little ago I've deinstalled Qt 5.6, removed possible leftover directories and installed the newest version 5.7 (Version: Visual Studio 2015 - 64bit)
    Expecting to hit a few difficulties, I had an issue right away, which I got fixed after deleting the toolchains.xml file as suggested in this post.

    Now my problem is, that when trying to execute the code in debug mode - debug it (default hotkey F5) - I get instantly a very descriptive error.
    "Unexpected CDB Exit"
    "The CDB process terminated."
    Running it works fine, debugging not at all.

    I have a totally empty project (default files) without changes - Qt Widgets.

    I went through previous posts and google and can't seem to figure out a solution for this error.

    alt text

    Settings - Options:
    Kits - Desktop Qt 5.7.0 MSVC2015_64bit

    Qt Versions - VS'15 - 64bit

    Compilers Auto-detected from 12.0 and 14.0


    Debuggers Auto-detected:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Debuggers\x86\cdb.exe - and x64
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x86\cdb.exe - and x64

    CMake Auto-detected @Default installation path

    I hope someone's able to help me with this issue.

  • Hi,
    I have the same error. Did you get a solution for that?

  • I was getting this error yesterday. I found the the CDB version didn't match with the linked UCRT.

    I'm using Qt 5.6 to develop my application I found that I need to manually link against ucrt like this

    INCLUDEPATH += "C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/10/Include/10.0.10586.0/ucrt"
    LIBS += -L"C:/Program Files (x86)/Windows Kits/10/Lib/10.0.10586.0/ucrt/x64"

    And I found that the CDB version need to match the ucrt version. So I am using CDB 10.0.10586.0 now and it is working.

  • @dannox I did not find a fix for it yet, but I'm going to try @mcleary 's solution and reply if it worked.

  • I have the same problem. I tried @mcleary 's solution but unfortunately it didn't work for me.

  • I got the same error form. Finally found that some DLL needed is missing. You could click the exe file in DEBUG to find which DLL is missing.

  • @bitlixi thanks for the hint, I indeed checked the .exe in debug folder. Turned out my Qt/bin folder had magically forgot Qt5OpenGLd.dll

  • I had the same problem. I had incorrectly picked the x86 cdb version instead of the x64 version in configuring the kit.

  • @mcleary
    Just for info: using -L before the library path string is wrong on my Windows 7 system with Qt 5.9.1.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I had the same unexpected CDB Exit since Qt Creator version 4.3. In Qt Creator 4.2.2 CDB works just fine.
    The solution for me was uninstalling Python 2.7. It is still a work around for me, because I need Python 2.7 for compiling Qt WebEngine from source. Does somebody have a working solution for having Python 2.7 and Qt Creator 4.5 and CDB installed in parallel?

  • I have the same problem since the big windows 10 update this week.
    I have not find a solution yet.
    If someone have, it would be great to share. Thanks.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    Just noticed i have same issue
    alt text

    Thank you windows update \o/

  • Yes me too.

    I switched from 4.5.0-rc1 to 4.5.0 and it went away. Not sure if that was a coincidence.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    I reinstalled Qt and it also worked again.

  • @mrjj
    i just ran the " repare " function of Visual studio 2017 installer and it worked again too.

  • My solution of this issue:
    I've check my exe by Depends, and... I miss some dll, linked by .lib!
    Then I put this DLL into System32 - et voila! CDB work now.

  • Moderators

    @Destructor You should not put them into system32 directory - put them in the same directory where you exe is.

  • @bitlixi's advice worked for me

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