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Loading local HTML to QML WebView in Android - Size issue

  • Two QQuickWidgets are placed in ui. Basic QML with a WebView is loaded in both. Webview on first widget loads a plain HTML page from internet. Second widget loads SAME html content from a local file.

    Content in first widget is as expected; resized to the container. BUT contents in second widget looks zoomed. All font, form elements etc. are much bigger than expected.

    Applying CSS, font-size parameter etc, are not solving the issue. How can we 'correct' this behaviour ?

    EDIT: After repeated experiments I have observed that: the behaviour is not consistent. If there are more than one QQWidgets, the LAST LOADED widget displaying fully resized content... IRRESPECTIVE of local file or Web.

    Issuing qApp->processEvents(QEventLoop::AllEvents) before and after qQwidget.setSource improves the situation; still erratic.

    Request to throw some light into this issue..