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Installation problem Open Source

  • Hello, today i installed Qt Open Source on my Mac, but when i open Qt Creator i receive an alert saying: "Thank you for evaluating Qt enterprise, your evaluation is still valid for 35 days".

    Sincerely, i installed Qt enterprise early but i use MaintenanceTool to uninstall it, and download the open source version, which i`m needing.

    Probably there is some misconfiguration with the installation files, i need help on this.
    Many thanks.

  • Qt Champions 2017

    welcome to the forum. Just a quick check. Do you see .qt-license file in you system ? This may be the culprit ?

  • I found qtlicense, i deleted this file. But nothing happens.

    Then i create a new account on Qt installer, and re-install the open source version.
    That did the trick. Many thanks Dheerendra.

    Regards, Nahuel.