Qt charts integration with c++

  • Hi there
    I'm looking for an explanation, or example, on how to integrate qt Charts QML elements with data from the c++ part.
    For example, how to draw a LineSeries QML Type, with data that are passed from a c++ object.
    All helps pages and examples that come with qt 5.7 have dummy data directly defined in the QML files.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You should start by reading the QML Cpp integration chapter from Qt's documentation. There you have the explanation on how to mix both worlds.

  • Hi
    Thank you for your answer. I'm used to the QML / c++ integration, and I'm already using several of those integration scheme in my projects. However regarding this Qt Charts integration, things seems a little more confused to me. Maybe there is nothing very complicated here, but if you could be a little more specific on the mechanism to use, it would really help me a lot.

    For exmple, I want to display a Line graph on my QML page. I then declare :

    ChartView {
             title: "Line"
             LineSeries {
                 name: "LineSeries"

    In all examples, the data comes from inside the LineSeries in the QML, by declaring XYPoint in it.

    In my real case, the data has to come from a c++ object. How to make the connection between this object and the LineSeries ?

    Shall I instantiate a QLineSeries derived-object on the c++ side, and make it available in the QML context ? But how to do that in that specific case ? and ho to insert this object into my LineSeries ? I see no "data" property in this QML type, that would allow me to "point" to the proper c++ object's method.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    I haven't tested it but one possible way would be to get the LineSeries object generated in your QML code from C++ and then interact with that object directly.

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