How to create a QWizard with Qt Designer?

  • Hello there. I wish to create a QWizard, including some branching paths etc. And I would highly prefer using Qt Designer for that task since I have come to prefer setting up my UI with it.

    I don't think I can register any fields and it seems I cannot even set up branching paths at the moment. So what would be the preferred approach to create a QWizard with as much help of the Designer as possible?

    1. Do everything within Qt Designer. (How?)

    2. Create a dozen QWizardPages with Qt Designer, then somehow combine them. (That's a lot of small classes. And can I branch paths with this approach?)

    3. <insert bright idea>

    4. <insert another bright idea>

    5. Do nothing in Qt Designer, write the code yourself. (That would be very sad.)

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    You can prepare all your pages with Designer. However you'll have to implement the branching logic from code.

  • Ok, thanks for the information. It's a little sad because I like how a lot of the tedious code is hidden away by using Qt Designer. Still better than writing all of it manually, though.

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