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Something wrong with the ui file

  • I encounter a very strange this morning:I used to write a program before,when I open it today and want to add something in the ui. file,but when I debug(or release mode) it ,it didn't show the changes which I made this morning.

    Pic like this
    1.when I drag a label into ui

    2.when it debugges

    I also test something like combobox ,I use code to add new items,but in the debug mode,when i clicked it,it can't show the popup menu,but I can use showPopup() order to view the contents it has. It is really really strange....I have tried to clean up the project and delete all the compiler folder which my project created,however,it didn't help.

    I have created the new project and it seems no question,so for help.

    FYI:I have updated my Qt version and MSVC version before,but I didn't think it's a problem due to I have deleted pro.user file to rebuild the whole project but it still didn't work.:(

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    Sometimes, re-running qmake can help.

  • @SGaist Thx. Actually it didn't work after I tried qmake and rebuild the project.

    But luckily,my previous program is not complicated and I copy the ui file to a new projcet and use MinGW complier instead of MSVC.The strange thing didn't happen anymore.

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