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Offline mobile based object detection

  • I want to publish a mobile app which has my image collection and parameters set to each of them. then detect object via camera and find to which image in my collection that object is related. I have tested many sdk and platforms with cordova and android but none of them are offline and restricted to the number they are set on their products.
    Is is possible and also better to do this with openCV ? and is there any sample or resource ?


  • @Sam_
    I never worked with OpenCV on Android, but it looks like OpenCV supports Android so i think it won't be more of a problem in writing for Android than it would be in writing for Windows.

    On first glance it looks like OpenCV for Android provides all the information you need to get startet.

    Another possibility might be HALCON Embedded for Android, but sadly its not free.

  • @onek24
    Thanks for your information . I've checked something on my Android device with OpenCV. works perfect and I think it would be the same on iOS .

  • @Sam_
    I'm glad i could help. Please mark the Thread as "solved" if it's solved for you. :)

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