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Connect Signal to boolean variable

  • That is my idea (mnC is an object in a paralel thread)

    connect(mnC,SIGNAL(connected(bool)),this->isConnected,SLOT(append(bool) ,Qt::QueuedConnection);

    Please can somebody help me to make a direct connection between the boolean "isConnected" in MainWindow and the signal "connected" in thread?

    Thanks in advance

  • @yczo Why to complicate things? Just connect connected signal to a slot in "this" object which will set isConnected to the value passed via connected signal.

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    @yczo You cannot connect a signal to a variable. Signals are connected to slots (which are C++ methods).
    As @MartinD said add a slot with a bool parameter to your class and connect the signal to that slot. In the slot you then set your variable.

  • Thank you very much all

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    @yczo Well you can use C++11 features. Instead of creating a slot you can do:

    connect(mnC, &MNCClass::connected, [=](const bool status){
         isConnected = status;

    P.S: I don't know name of class which contains connected so used MNCClass. Change it to your actual classname.

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