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static function pointer to non-static function member

  • I look for a piece of advise:
    I need to trigger a non-static function member of my MyClass when any of the 256 objects of type MeterClass changes. I am trying by using a static function pointer but I am not able to call a non-static function in object "programa" of type MyClass.
    Function I need to call is in fact a non-static member of other class. I tryed pointing to a global function and it worked ok but now, I need to point to a non-static member of other class but it does not compile.

    class MeterClass{
       void setValue(unsigned long x){
          m = x;
          cb_update(); // here I call pointed func when value changes
       static void (* cb_update)(void); //pointer to func to call when meter changes
       unsigned long m;
    class MyClass{
       MeterClass meter[256]; // create 256 instances of MeterClass
       void objectHasBeenUpdated(void){ /* action */ } // non-static function to call when a meter changes
    //... code follow describing behaviour, at any time, one meter changes, let's say meter[10].setValue(5);
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
       QApplication app(argc, argv);
       MyClass programa;
       MeterClass::cb_update = programa.objectHasBeenUpdated; // <--this does not work, does not compile
       return app.exec();

    I am sorry if it is not clear, I dont want to be so extensive. Should I try with other resources? signals and slots?
    I hope anybody could advise.
    Thank you very much

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    Static functions and global functions can be called the same way. Non-static functions (members) can be called through the pointer-to-member operators, but you need an object in addition to the member pointer.

    Look also here.

    Kind regards.

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