Resize Objects With Mainwindow Resize

  • hi,
    i dropped 3 button and a label in my window
    but i want when i resize my window,
    my objects resize with it too,
    how i can do this?

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    Use layouts. Look in the documentation for QHBoxLayout, QVBoxLayout and friends. For designer, there's the Using Layouts in Qt Designer chapter of Qt's documentation.

  • hi,

    but in documentation dose Not explained this and just referred Layouts
    i have a code that do this(resize),
    but i want to question that it is possible to do this in visual design?
    tnx a lot

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    If you use layouts and put the buttons in one. Then no need
    for any code to do resize.

    So using layouts is how you do in Visual Design.

    Try this :
    Make new project
    open the mainwindow UI
    Place a button in the empty mainwindow.
    Right click empty spot on form
    Select the Layout menu (bottom)
    Select Layout Horizontally

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