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Provide OpenGl context to a OpenCL context

  • Hi!
    Im starting make some improvements using hardware optimizations and one of them involves share the OpenGl buffers with my OpenCL buffers.
    Everything is running fine, but to enable this specific feature i need inform to the OpenCL context what OpenGL context i am using.
    But the OpenCL context are prepeared to receive wgl contexts (hdc) and i dont know how can i provide my QOpenGL context and make OpenCL understand it.
    Anyone have an idea how i can enable GLCL sharing using Qt?

    Kind Regards.

  • @wwolff
    I find out there is a nativeHandle function on the QOpenGLContext object, but it returns a QVariant object.
    I will need typecast this return with the native type context?
    Any example of QVariant typecast?

    Kind Regards.

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    Are you looking for qvariant_cast ?

  • @SGaist
    No, my doubt is becouse the OpenCL function request a native Handle of the window AND the native handle of the context...

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    There was a module called QtOpenCL but it was for Qt 4 with this repository being a WIP to make it work with Qt 5.

    In any case, it could be an interesting starting point to help you use OpenCL with Qt

  • Hi!
    Yes i know there is a QtOpeCL Module , but what i want is get the native structures for my Rendering OpenGL Window and provide to my own OpenCL classes.
    Everything is running , including the OpenCL Kernels and etc...
    But i´m trying use the OpenGL->OpenCL interoperation to optimize some graphics algorithms and using Visual Studio are working fine too.

    Basically in windows i need 3 structures to enable this interoperation:

    HWND hWnd, 
    HDC     &hDC, 
    HGLRC &hRCe

    The First One is the structure create when we call the CreateWindow function to create a window.
    The secondOne is the structure where we store the Device Context retrieved by the GetDC(gHwnd); function.
    And Finally the Last store the OpenGL Context provided by the hRC = wglCreateContext(hDC); function.

    During This days i find out a private library in Qt called QPlatformNativeInterface , but i not found any documentation about it , but it seems i can get this informations from it.

    Any information of how i can get a HWND structure from a QOpenGLWindow and a QGLWidget will be much Appreciated, since from a HWND i can get the DC context and from the OpenGL context i can get the HGLRC.

    Otherwise, i find out too a object in the documentation called QWGLNativeContext defined in the Qt Platform Headers , and it seems this object can be typecasted in the nativeHandle method of the QOpenGLContext class , providing this two structures...

    I will do some more tests , but if this last object works i dont need use the private library to access it.

    Kind Regards.

  • Hi!

    I find in the documentation the following code:

    QVariant nativeHandle = context->nativeHandle();
    if (!nativeHandle.isNull() && nativeHandle.canConvert<QWGLNativeContext>()) {
        QWGLNativeContext nativeContext = nativeHandle.value<QWGLNativeContext>();
        HGLRC hglrc = nativeContext.context();

    If everything goes ok, this is exactly what i was looking for!

    Kind Regards.

  • Ok, i Almost there...

    Now i´m having problems with a function called GetDC(HWND) of windows.

    Basically this function get the device context needed...

    Everythig compiles , but when Qt compile the main module i receive a Link error becouse it not find the definition of this windows function.

    Any tip to solved it?

    Kind Regards.

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    That's a function from the User32 library. You need to link against it.

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