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Toolchain for RPi / Raspbian

  • Hello! I want to use an RPi3 with Raspbian to run some Qt5 applications. Of course I want to develop and compile the code on my host PC, then transfer the binaries to the RPi and remote debugging my apps.

    I'm afraid the only way is to cross-compile Qt5 on my host pc, right?
    I mean, I cannot cross-compile my applications without cross-compile the toolchain first - I cannot rely on the debian packages for the target.

  • Use linaro armhf toolchain. :-)

  • @Zola
    "Use linaro armhf toolchain" to compile.... what? :)
    Do you mean to cross-compile Qt5 on my host PC for armhf?

  • @Mark81


  • The toolchain i use is Linaro (little endian).
    If i understand correctly, you want to cross-compile Qt5 librairies to be able to cross-compile Qt5 application
    on your PC and deploy on your Rpi (the application and the Qt5 librairies). Well it depends on which OS your PC is.

    • Your PC run a Linux distribution

    If you are using a Linux distribution i think this link can help : Qt Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide.

    It goes from cross-compiling Qt5 to configure QtCreator and i think it's a good point to start.

    • Your PC run Windows

    Well it's a tought situation but i've managed to do it starting with this : Build Qt5 for Rapsberry Pi on Windows.
    Contrary to this tutorial, i've used Linaro (which has a Windows version).I've also managed to configure QtCreator on Windows to build Qt5 Application for LinuxARM.
    So if you have any question don't hesitate, event if i think it requires a complete new topic.

  • @bignumb
    Thank you very much for the detailed answer.
    You've exactly got the point!

    My host PC runs Debian Linux so I will try to follow your first link.
    It's not the first time I cross-compile Qt5 but every time there is something to fix :)