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Qt for Android installation

  • Hello,
    I work with QtCreator and the MSVC2012 compiler now and want test the Android developement with Qt. I read the good documentation from Qt for it and installed the half dozen needed packages out of Qt.
    Now I must install Qt for Android: Qt 5.5.1 for Android (Windows 32-bit, 1.1 GB) ?
    Its not really clear for me what is in this package. It seems that the whole Creator is integrated in it. Now I fear that I can destroy my old installation with it.

    What I want is take my old Creator installation and add only the Android-Kit.
    Is this possible and how can I do it ?

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    Did you use the Online Installer for that ? If so you can run the maintenance tool and add the Android Qt build to your setup.

  • @SGaist
    The online and online installed make the same I think.
    Anyway if I take my old installation path (c:\Qt) the setup says that it deletes the folder before installation and this setup is not recommended.

    Where can I find the maintenance tool ?

  • Ok, I found a local installed maintenance tool in C:\Qt\Qt5.5.1.
    But with this tool I can only update my version and not install the android kit.

    Must I make a full installation of the Android/Creator (maybe on an other computer to avoid problems) and put it by hand together.

    Or is it recommended to install and use a second full Qt version ?

    Damn why is it to complicated. The Creator support a very flexible kit-management but is impossible to get new kits !?

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    That's because you used the offline installer which is targeted to people who wants to work with a single version of Qt. The online installer allows you to update/modify/remove Qt versions.

    Unless you made modification to your installation you can simply replace with the one from the online installer.

  • Thank you for the help.
    The offline-installer works indeed as I wished (and expected). It installs all in an other folder structure than the offline-installer. Here it is possible to integrate different kits.

    Beside as a tip. The warning of the online-installer that it is not recommended to install in a not empty dircectory can be ignored. Because of the complete different folder structure there is no conflict to the offline-installed-version. The old version stays alive and can used as before - same with the start-menu in windows.

    How can I mark the question as solved ?
    [SOLVED] does not work?

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    Nop it doesn't. You have the "Topic Tool" to mark the thread as solved :)

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