In QSqlRelationalTableModel->setRelation(...), how can I specify a combination of fields to display?

  • Hi,

    I really like QSqlRelationalTableModel, but I want to specify a combination of fields (or a derived field) to display in a combobox instead of just one column values... How can I go about this?


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    Not 100% sure what u ask to do. Sounds like u want to take data from model and hook to combobox.
    If that is correct. have a look at

    or do u mean like
    model->setRelation(2, QSqlRelation("city", "id", "name"));

  • It's more like the second option, using model->setRelation(...). the thing is, in QSqlRelation, we can choose to display only one column (in your example: "name") and what I need is the flexibility to display a computed column (without adding computed columns at the database)...

    Is this clear?

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    Since it's only for display, you could use a QSqlQueryModel to populate the combo box with the computed values.

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