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problem with horizontal layout and scroll bars

  • I have to layout items horizontally. Basically there is some QPUshButtons and a widget derived from QListView (ThumbnailListView) that show images.
    There is one and only one existing ThumbnailListView that is positioned beside of one of the QPushButtons.
    The ThumbnailListView has a minimumSize manually placed. The problem occurs when the minimumSize results in a ThumbnailListView that is horizontally big enough to cross the side limit of widget and disappear. No horizontal scrollbar appears.

    The following widgets are present:

    A QDockWidget that has a QScrollArea that has a QWidget as Main Widget. The latter has applied a QHorizontalLayout as layout and the layout is compound of QPushButtons and one ThumbnailListWidget (QListView).

    How could I make appear a scrollbar horizontally?

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    Can you share the code where you setup your widget ?

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