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wintab32.dll is missing, causes crash?

  • I built Qt 5.5.1 from source using MinGW 5.3.0 compiler, both for 32 as well as 64 bit.
    If I run my application deployed with these created libraries, it works fine.
    But if I run Dependency Walker, it shows the yellow question mark symbol for wintab32.dll, which is not present on my Windows 7 PC. The error it is showing is

    LoadLibraryW("C:\Windows\system32\wintab32.dll") called from "QT5CORE.DLL" at address 0x0000000000646E4E.
    LoadLibraryW("C:\Windows\system32\wintab32.dll") returned NULL. Error: The specified module could not be found (126).

    Should I be worried about deploying my application, or I am getting this error because I am running on non-tablet PC? If my build is corrupted, then please let me know.

    I used the following args for configure while building Qt:

    cd c:\Qt\5.5.1\32\
    SET PATH=C:\Qt\5.5.1\32\qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.5.1\qtbase\bin;C:\Qt\5.5.1\32\qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.5.1\gnuwin32\bin;C:\MinGW\5.3.0\mingw32\bin;%PATH%
    SET QMAKESPEC=win32-g++
    qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.5.1\configure -debug-and-release -opensource -no-opengl -no-openssl -skip qt3d -skip qtactiveqt -skip qtandroidextras -skip qtcanvas3d -skip qtconnectivity -skip qtdeclarative -skip qtdoc -skip qtenginio -skip qtgraphicaleffects -skip qtimageformats -skip qtlocation -skip qtmacextras -skip qtmultimedia -skip qtquick1 -skip qtquickcontrols -skip qtscript -skip qtsensors -skip qtserialport -skip qtsvg -skip qttools -skip qttranslations -skip qtwayland -skip qtwebchannel -skip qtwebengine -skip qtwebkit -skip qtwebkit-examples -skip qtwebsockets -skip qtwinextras -skip qtx11extras -skip qtxmlpatterns -confirm-license -nomake tests -nomake examples

  • Seems to me that the forum has some issues, some of the threads are showing as deleted.
    That is why I am bringing this thread up again, just in case it doesn't get ignored.

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    Two possibility for the deleted threads:

    • Removed spam
    • Thread author erased their thread

    As for wintab32.dll, IIRC it's a DLL coming from Wacom, so it should not have an impact on your application running on another computer.

  • @SGaist Thank you for your answer.
    I understand that the application will not face any issue when deployed.
    But I am unable to do profiling in dependency walker due to this issue. Is there workaround for this problem?

    Additionally, I believe that this should be filed as a Qt bug.
    This is because, dependency walker is showing the wintab32.dll with yellow question mark, meaning that it is essential to run this program. If it were required optionally, then this should not have been visible in dependency walker. For example, even if a program loads say a JPEG image file, and if the application is profiled without the required plugin, then it is never shown in dependency walker.
    I hope this is not confusing you, and just what my belief is. It may be right or wrong.

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    One point I wasn't clear: not having wintab32.dll on other machines means that you won't have tablet support. But again, it doesn't mean that your application won't run.

    AFAIK, no it's not a Qt bug, If you don't want the tablet support then you can re-build Qt with QT_NO_TABLETEVENT defined.

    I often also have such Question Marks on Windows DLLs themselves like IESHIMS.DLL

  • @SGaist All right, Thank you very much!

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    You're welcome !

    Don't forget to remove the "not answered" from the title ;)