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Borders for the QDockWidget 4.8

  • Hello all,

    Can someone suggest me, how to set the " Real borders " for the QDockwidget. Usually Dock comes with no border and only with tittle bar. I want to set the "real border" with color, for the Dock I made some search on google , it does not help me.
    I am using Qt 4.8.5 on Win10.

    check the Image

    thanks and regards,

  • @N.Sumi
    Try to google Customizing QDockWidget or
    check this link:


  • Hi @Nouriemm ,

    Thank you.
    I tested those Style Sheets.They gave me border inside the Dock. But I am looking for Real Borders for the Dock.


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    The windows decoration themselves are not handle by Qt but by the current Window Manager you are using. Which is it ?

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    @N.Sumi said:

    Usually Dock comes with no border and only with tittle bar.

    When dock is detached it is displayed as Tool window (has Qt::Tool window flag). Whether it has a visible border or not depends on the window manager. In Windows 10 tool windows have no visible border except for a shadow you can grab to resize. That's not the case in previous versions of Windows though, which provided a thinner border for tool windows.

    I want to set the "real border"

    If by "real border" you mean a border used for normal windows (not tool windows), which in Windows 10 is a thin colored line, then you'll have to change windows flags of the dock manually when it is detached from main window. Below is a proof-of-concept quality example of a QDockWidget that does that:

    class MyDockWidget : public QDockWidget
        MyDockWidget(const QString& title, QWidget* parent = nullptr)
            : QDockWidget(title, parent), detached(false)
            connect(this, &MyDockWidget::topLevelChanged, [&](bool topLevel)
                detached = topLevel; //can't change flags while window is still dragged so just mark as detached
        bool event(QEvent* evt) override
            if(evt->type() == QEvent::WindowActivate && detached)
                detached = false;
                setWindowFlags(Qt::Window); //adjust flags to add whatever you need e.g. Qt::WindowCloseButtonHint
                show(); //changing flags hides the window so show it again
            return QDockWidget::event(evt);
        bool detached;

  • @ Chris Kawa

    Yes, It solved the issue . Thanks

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