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How do I get internet datetime using QT?

  • Hi,

    I need to get date-time from internet probably from NIST Internet Time Service (ITS) for embedded Linux device.
    I need a QT C++ help and example for this. Any help most appreciated.

    Kind Regards?

  • @NTCYP Hi! Someone created a NTP client in Qt ->

  • @Wieland Thank you, but my problem I cannot set the time zone for my embedded linux. There isn't any file /usr/share/zoneinfo/.
    So I set the hardware clock to the current system time using below comand.

    hwclock --systohc

    First I get time from my SQL server (which is updated every 15 min) and set it to manualy as;

    D_text = ReplaceDate(date.toString("ddd dd/MMMM/yyyy"));

    and run system command

    system("hwclock --systohc").

    And worked nicely.

    Kind Regards

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