How to export Qt Creator app built on Ubuntu to OSX

  • I've created a small app on Ubuntu that I want to be able to run on OSX. How do I do this? Do I just copy the project from Ubuntu to OSX? There's no 'Import' that I can find.

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    Basically yes, copy the code and open the project in Qt Creator. I'd recommend using something like git to keep your code in sync between the two machines.

  • @SGaist Thanks, that's good to know.
    I would like to keep the code synchronized across the two OS but, right now, it appears to me that git is yet another 'app' that I must learn and I'm the only programmer here so I don't share. If I could learn just enough quickly to cover my projects it would be worthwhile.

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    It's not just "yet another app" to learn. It's the current defacto version control system used by Qt, KDE, the linux kernel and many more projects.

    Even if you're the only developer, that's something you really want to learn to use.