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Suggestion for documentation improvement for "Creating a Qt Widget Based Application" tutorial (TextFinder application).

  • Hello,

    After doing the mentioned tutorial I was getting "(QFile, ":\input.txt"): device not open" error. Just like here. I've lost quite a to of time trying to understand what is going on. I discovered that firstly qmake must be run before running the application. Documentation for the tutorial is silent about this and I think that it should be added there. It might be obvious for experienced user, but it surely isn't for a beginner.

    BTW: is this a correct forum for suggesting documentation improvements?

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    The forum is not the right place for bug reports/feature suggestions. For that you should go to the bug report system.

    Note that you can improve the documentation yourself and submit that for inclusion in Qt.

    But before doing all of that, how did you do the tutorial ? Did you open the project ? Write everything by hand ?

  • Hi,

    I've written everything by hand following the tutorial included in QT Creator.
    Now, I've checked the tutorial which is already written in the examples : "Text Finder Example" and it works out of the box (I don't have to run qmake).

    How can I submit documentation on my own?


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    Qt Creator runs qmake for you.

    If you did it on the command line, then the Widgets Tutorial gives the qmake step.

    Is that what you did ?

    As for contributions, here you have the starting point.

  • @SGaist I did "Build Project "textfinder"" and then "Run" but not from the console. I run the commands from Qt Creator.

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