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Why when i add Existing Directory (folder image) to my project it is n't added in Resource folder?

  • hi,my friend,when i click right>add Existing Directory (my folder image for my projects) to my project it is n't added in (Resource QML Directory)Resource folder?what should i do?
    the folder image my projects is in path the my projects,but i can't added it to use picture in my projects.
    but add files picture separately by menu click right>add Existing files it added to my projects.........
    my image is too many,i want to add bolded text

  • i solved my problem according this:
    my picture image had .svg format so in window add existing directory isn't .svg format so in show files matching text field,i added this option:


    so i can added my .svg picture to my project.thanks for your attention.

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