Passing/Changing Arguments to QtWebengineProcess

  • Hi,
    I'm using Qt 5.4.0 and QtWebengine on an embedded linux system.
    I'm seeing the QtWebengineProcess running with various arguments.

    /usr/lib/qt5/libexec/QtWebEngineProcess --type=renderer --disable-accelerated-video-decode --disable-desktop-notifications --enable-accelerated-overflow-scroll --enable-fixed-position-compositing --enable-overlay-scrollbar --enable-pinch --enable-viewport --enable-viewport-meta --no-sandbox --profiler-timing=0 --use-gl=egl --disable-composited-antialiasing --enable-deferred-image-decoding --lang=en-US --enable-pinch --enable-threaded-compositing --enable-delegated-renderer --enable-impl-side-painting

    Where is this argument list created? Or can I enable passing arguments from my main application down to the QtWebengineProcess?
    For example I would like to pass some additional arguments to chromium and replace the lang=en-US with en-GB or de-DE in some setups.

    I tried to grep the sources for the arguments but couldn't find anything.

    Thanks in advance & best regards,

  • Not sure where those argument list are created, but you can pass arguments directly from your main application into Web Engine. Check my response in this thread: not sure if its the same for QtWebEngineProcess, but hope it helps

  • Did you find from where the options are passed to the QtWebengineProcess ?

  • alas no luck - so far still the only option is to use command line parameters to your own app - and yes every single embedded web engine sub-process will reuse the same parameters (no luck with different proxy per tab problem)
    e.g. if you try
    MyApp.exe --proxy-server=host:port
    and your app opens 10 tabs the same proxy it will be reused by every single tab/or browser/or sub-process/
    pretty much the same as setting global proxy (at application level)

    BTW: if they implement the above they need to decide which has higher priority - global app level proxy or per web engine sub-process