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Qt vs Symbian C++

  • Well it seems absurd.
    Right now the application downloads Qt after the store has downloaded the application. So the extra download isn't related to the store. It's a one-off from the application. That's why they require that warning in the application's description.

    What I believed they were doing is having the store host the Qt Installer instead. So you download it off the store. The operator store can have Qt Installer on their domain.

    So what's the problem?

  • That's so weird because on carriers in Australia, they manage to make Ovi Store, Android Market and iOS App Store free directly through using the store on your phone. No website. And isn't free -- just the store.

  • I think you need to have post-paid, but it doesn't eat in to your data if you use iOS App Store, Android Market or Ovi Store.

    Note that iOS App Store forces you to download over WiFi if the app is over 10MB (or is it 20MB now?).

  • In Australia, Hutchison was purchased by Vodafone. It's now VHA which owns Vodafone and 3.

    I don't know how this carrier acts towards games downloaded from app stores, however I can assure you no carrier in Australia has a website where you download apps.

    I hope there aren't many countries with operators modeled on yours (with website stores). I think it's certainly not the majority.

    So these developers should have no fears in making Qt games.. at least for us Australians :) We are all waiting!

    Angry Birds (Qt) is a massive hit here.

    Important to remember that if your app is based on 4.6.3 you won't need to worry about any of that stuff anyway.

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