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QCustomPlot problem C1083: Cannot open include file: 'qcustomplot.h': No such file or directory

  • Hello,

    im trying to add my program a plot. I tried for that QCustomPlot as you see
    But i have a problem when i tried to build my app it gives like that error.

    İtried to use QCustomPlot examples to see first they worked, i see the working program but than they also give that error and they r not working. i didnt changes anything and i tried to run qmake, delete builded files and rebuild but i didnt works,

    I tried another example and it works alsa but after i touch the widted of the program and see promoted widget i brokes also, but i didnt change anything.

    İs there anyone else why it is happening?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    From a quick look at the setting up page, are you including the sources of QCustomPlot in your project ?