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Problem OpenGL Views

  • Hello All,

    lately I have updated my mac book pro to EI Captain (10.11.1) and my qt libraries (5.5.1) and creator (3.5.1).

    I develop an application on graphics with a mac book pro 15 retina and a second screen dell alienware connected by dvi. My application works properly before this updates. Currently I have a problema with my application. I open it, create the View which is a QGLWidget, I init all the elements and then in the first render I get some strange errors:

    • after glClearColor() and glClear() I get a GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION
    • after glDrawElements() I get a GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION

    But the most annoying thing is it only happens if the window is on the second screen, if I open it in the retina screen nothing fales....

    Is there anyother with the same problem? Where could be the problem? In the Apple Update? In Qt update? In my code?

    I'm a bit lost!



  • I've forgot to say that if I reload the shaders (delete olds, load again, compile, link and updateGL) it works properly later....

  • No one with this kind of problems?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    Did you do all these updates at once ?

    One thing you can try is the 5.6 beta to see if you still experience this.

  • @SGaist Yes. I made the mistake of make all the updates at once after a deadline. I can't try beta versions because I need this software stable and beta versions doesn't assure that... So I will wait to next Qt versions but it seems strange... If any is mac developer and works with two displays and everything works well to him means that I have the problem, and it could be an start to see where...


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    I didn't meant that you should change for the 5.6 beta right now, just test it to see if you are still experiencing the same problem.

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