Consistently getting TSMProcessRawKeyCode failed (-192) on installed application on OS X

  • I'm trying to create an installer for my application on OS X. Running the application from the compiled bundle after running macdeployqt on it goes fine. However, when I generate an installer with binarycreator, run the installer and try to run the installed application, I get a TSMProcessRawKeyCode failed (-192) error when I try to write in a TextEdit. I don't get the error when I run the application with admin privileges through sudo.

    Is this a bug or am I doing something horribly wrong here?

    Edit: Appears that simply moving the app bundle causes this

  • I managed to fix this to some extent one by deleting the app bundle from the build directory and running macdeployqt with the argument -executable=<Target>.app/Contents/MacOs/<Target>

  • I take that back, it stopped working again.

  • Still no progress, but if someone can reproduce this, please post a minimal reproducing project to

  • The latest development is that I had over 254 files open at once. No wonder nobody else had encountered this.

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