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QSqlRelationalDelegate and QSqlRelationalTableModel::setRelation Bug ?

  • I have the tblCountry and the tblPort. Every port is on one country connected by IDCountry.
    Now I want show and edit the country of every port in a tableview.

        Ports.setRelation(3, QSqlRelation(tblCountry, fieldID, fieldDesc));
            new QSqlRelationalDelegate(ui->PortsTV));

    The setRelation works. I see instead of the foreign key the country name.
    Editing works too: I get a dropdown-listbox with all countrys. Changing works. Is see the new country-text in the field in form of a dropbox entry
    BUT: when I select an other row the dropbox dissapear (thats correct) and I should see the text configured by setRelation. BUT I see then the primary key.
    So it seem after editing the setRealation has been switched off. Refreshing the grid show again the text and not the primary key.
    I cannot figure out whats wrong.

  • Bug or Feature ?

    I found out, that the realation works only OnManualSubmit correct
    In all other case I see the PrimaryKey after editing.
    Makes this sense ?

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    Sounds a bit fishy, especially if it's not written in the documentation

  • @SGaist
    And very tricky is that the setRelation changes the name of the column.
    I stays not by its original name in the database (ForeignKey) but gets some extensions, so that searching column by name does not work anymore.

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