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Cross-compiling OpenCV to utilise cross-compiled QT sources

  • Ok I want to know if this is the place to get help. I need to build an application for embedded linux on ARM architecture. I need OpenCV and QT libraries for my program. I have successfully cross-compiled OpenCV with other 3rd-Party libraries before (for example ffmpeg). Just to clarify, I have built and installed ffmpeg from sources for the ARM architecture, then I built OpenCV from sources to include this cross-compiled ffmpeg to also work on ARM architecture. With that I can build my program from source files using that installation of OpenCV. This is all done in Ubuntu btw. Now my problem is with QT support. I need to incorporate this in OpenCV. I have already done a lot of stuff and tried different things, but I first want to know if this is the place where I can get help with this or where I should rather go?

    Thank you in advance

    PS: Will obviously post specific problem once I know this is where I need to be.