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[Solved] Some general questoins about android programming in Qt

  • Hi to all,

    I want to start android programming in Qt but have some simple questions but important for me:
    1, Can I debug my "Qt Widgets Applications" projects and get the android output?
    2. Can I use pure Qt class and without using any java code to create an android project?
    3. What is the output format? apk?
    4. To run project output in a real android cellphone, does it need to prerequisites? (I mean for example in windows we have to add platform folder, QtCore.dll, QtGui, etc. In android how?)


    1. Yes you can debug without any problems, both c++ part and java part(if you write something in java)
    2. Yes you can use pure Qt, but there are some parts(mostly advanced) that requires java
    3. Yes its apk format. You can upload it to the google play no problem.
    4. You have 2 possiblities use ministro or compile libraries into your apk. Depends on your license, but in both cases libraries are loaded automaticaly.

    Hope it helps

  • @kolegs Thanks a lot dear kolegs. Very good reply ;)