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[SOLVED] Qt signals

  • Hello, im completely new in QT, and still reading about signals and slot

    What is the sense of functions on a signals if you cant define it?

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    Signals are, well, signals :)
    They are used to signal to the rest of the application that something happened. It doesn't matter (to you, as Qt user) how it is signaled (i.e. what the implementation looks like). That is implementation detail handled by Qt's meta object compiler (moc).
    What matters and is of interest to you is that you can emit the signal and that others are notified about it (via connected slots).

  • okay i get it nearly at getting the signal and slot mechanism of qt im new here in qt

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    It's important not to get distracted by the details. The gist of it is simple. Sorta action-reaction setup.

    One object emits a parametrized signal and any number of connected objects get a slot invoked with the signal parameter passed.