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Use of Embedded Widgets

  • Hi everybody,

    i downloaded the "Qt embedded widgets demo" to use it in my application which stands under the GPL.

    My english isn't the best so i don't understand some parts of the license.

    Is it allowed to use and distribute the embedded widgets with my app?

  • In short words if you will distribute your app using gpl'ed code under gpl license all will be ok.

    If you want to get deeper into gpl license you can find it translation to your language (at least it exists for russian language and I think for most of other languages too).

  • You've got me wrong.

    My question applies to the license of the embedded widgets, not to the GPL license.

    There it says:

    bq. 3. LICENSES
    Nokia grants to Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual license to
    use, modify, copy and distribute the Embedded Widgets Demo in conjunction with
    use and distribution of Qt as licensed to Licensee by Nokia or one of its

    Does this mean that i can use and distribute the embedded widgets as well as if i develop an application only with the LGPL edition of Qt?

    I hope i could explain my question.

    Best regards

  • Oh sorry, yes I read wrong your post.
    As I understand this license note you can use it with any edition and license for demo will be equal to license of your Qt version.

  • That means if i use Qt with the LGPL license i could use the LGPL for my application.

    But can i also use the GPL license?

  • AFAIK yes.

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