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Qt over openGL ES 2.0 in Mac OS

  • Hi,
    I have a cross platform mobile application that uses openGL ES 2.0.
    I want to write a Qt platform that will run on Mac OS. In order to use openGL ES 2.0 on mac (instead of openGL), I'm using powerVR drivers. Now I'm not sure what to do with Qt.
    Is it possible to use QOpenGLWidget or QOpenGLContext with QWinodw to create the context and then let the underlying cross platform software run openGL ES 2.0 commands? I tried this in several ways but it didn't seem to work.
    Maybe instead I can use native EGL to create the context, and then somehow bind it to a Qt display widget?

    I'm new to Qt and openGL and I searched and read in the forum and internet about this but I'm confused
    Thank you very much!