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[SOLVED] Compiling Design time widgets (windows)

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    Do I read the docs correctly:
    In order to have a my widget work in Qt Designer,
    I must compile it with visual studio as the
    Qt Designer i am using on windows, is compiled with that ?!

    If I switch to the linux version, will the plugin work with the QT Designer pr default or is it also compiled with something else ?

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    The rule is: compile it with the same compiler and Qt version used for Qt Creator. The only really problematic platform is Windows since none of the different version of Visual Studio is compatible with another and you can also use MinGW. So it should be less of a trouble on OS X/Linux

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    So on top of having to use another compiler
    it would also have to be the exact same version and SP.
    Sounds likes too much hassle to be productive.

    So to get visual design with my own widgets, i must ditch windows. :)
    I just escaped my virtual linux and felt free again with 3 screens, but I guess im back in the box.
    The promote feature goes a long way but the actual widget would be nicer.

    Thank you samuel, you saved my much grief down the line.

    ps. its unclear to me how to edit the caption to append SOLVED.

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    Yes, same SP also, that's a Microsoft thing, nothing Qt specific.

    Currently, you have to edit the title prepending [solved].

    Don't forget to also vote the answer(s) in a topic that you find interesting, useful that will help other users find the most appropriate answer to a question

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