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(ANSWERED) Trying to build Qt5.4 for use w/ VS 2013 & OpenCV 3.0 and hitting a wall

  • I know these are OpenCV directions, but it is the Qt5.4 build that is giving me fits!!
    I followed the OpenCV site directions at "" to build this. I downloaded all the needed files listed without problems, including Qt ( which I extracted. When I get to the part in the directions - 6(k) saying: "Now navigate to the extracted (Qt) folder and enter inside it by using this console window (VS2013 Command Prompt window). You should have a folder containing files like Install, Make and so on. Use the 'dir' command to list files inside your current directory. Once arrived at this directory enter the following command:"

    configure.exe -release -no-webkit -no-phonon -no-phonon-backend -no-script -no-scripttools -no-qt3support -no-multimedia -no-ltcg"

    I tried, but not sure where to look in the Qt folder for the listed Install, Make files (looked all over and can't find either). The build stops here! Has anyone used this method? I would REALLY appreciate some help!!

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    From the look of the configure options, these are instructions for the Qt 4 series

  • @SGaist
    Well that just sucks! Wish they had said that before I wasted a lot of time!! Might you have any idea if there are directions out there for the source 5.4.2 ?. And thanks for the response!!

    Here's my own notes on how I did Qt 5.3.2 with VS2013:

    It worked pretty much the same for Qt 5.4.2, so I haven't updated it. Note that you can safely ignore the things about WinXP SDK if you don't target WinXP, you can ignore the things about ICU if you don't build webkit and you can also ignore the openssl steps if you don't need it. You probably don't need to setup perl/python/ruby too if you compile from the .zip archive.

    I've used those on many machines, with VS2013 express or pro and with Qt-5.3 / 5.4.

  • @sandy.martel23
    Thank you!!

    I will try it later today. Being relatively new to Qt, let me ask another question...

    I understand using the Qt source built version provides a broader range of libraries for working with OpenCV than the binary version. Do you know if this will work better than using the Qt "Add-in" for VS2013? I already have that up and working.

  • Sandy,
    Thank you VERY MUCH! Your directions seemed to work. I did have to make a bunch of changes, but finally figured it out. The changes were in the PATHs. Now I need to go through the resulting compiler code and see if it all got loaded and is going to work properly.
    Again, THANKS!