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Deployment to non-development linux box. Also running without xserver?

  • Hello,

    I'm new to QT as well as linux and have a deployment question. Using any of the demo programs included with QT, I can compile and run it on the development machine which is running Ubuntu 14. It all runs fine. I can also close QT and goto the build folder where the source was compiles to and run the executable just fine. Now If that folder is copied to a Raspberry Pi running Wheezy Debian, and an attempt is made to run the same executable, Debian is asked for it to be associated with a program to open it. Now, its to be expected that there should be some errors since Debian would be missing some missing dll's and such that were not deployed with the exe, but this file association problem wasnt expected. What is an executable supposed to be associated with? What's the noob's way out of this?

    On a second issue, on the development Ubuntu machine, the xserver was shutdown and tried running the same executable as I did with xwindows running and it fails. Are QT programs supposed to be able to run without needing any kind of windows installed?

    My end result of all of this is to strip down a raspberry pi to boot up as fast as possible and run only a graphics application written in QT.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Since you are talking about Raspberry Pi, did you cross-compile your application ?

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