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[solved] Force Qt-creator to rebuild one cpp-file on every build

  • Hello,

    I use the __DATE__ & __TIME__ macro to get the compile date in the about dialog box. That file is not changed very often but I would like to update the date and time to every build.

    Is there a good way to force to re-build of that specific file regardless the changes in it in qt-creator ?


  • Hi,
    Maybe use the creation date of the exe file? With the qApp->path you get the location of your program, then use the QFile on your exe file and read out the creation data.

  • You could add a custom build step to delete the corresponding object files, before calling the compiler. Like this:

    Command: rm
    Arguments: -f filename.obj moc_filename.*
    Working directory: %{buildDir}

    Then the compiler will be forced to rebuild that file.

  • Thanks guys,

    I follow your idea Leonardo, but on windows, I'm not able to use del in command...

    So I've create a .bat in the working directory with the line: del /Q filename.o moc_filename.*

    put the .bat in command and that's it.

  • Hi. Just for the record, on Windows:

    Command: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
    Arguments: /C "del filename.obj moc_filename.obj moc_filename.cpp"
    Working directory: %{buildDir}

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