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Qt5 Build Error in MSYS/MinGW environment

  • Hello. I am trying to build QT 5.4.2 in a MSYS shell, using this toolchain: x86_64-4.9.2-release-win32-seh-rt_v4-rev3. I get the following error:
    "as.exe: .obj/release/qopenglversionfunctionsfactory.o: too many sections (35780)
    Fatal error: can't close .obj/release/qopenglversionfunctionsfactory.o: File too big"

    This is my configuration command:
    ../qt5/configure -prefix /local64/qt5 -platform win32-g++
    -debug-and-release -opensource -no-icu
    -opengl desktop -confirm-license -nomake tests -nomake examples
    I have tried this on my Windows 7 desktop as well as my WIndows 8.1 laptop, and get the same error. I have successfully built this version in a windows command shell with the same toolchain, with icu, openssl, and qtwebkit. I just wanted to see if I could build it in an MSYS shell. Anybody here know why I am getting the error mentioned above?
    Thank you.

  • I have the same problem with Qt 5.8 and MinGW64 6.3:

    C:/Program Files/mingw-w64/x86_64-6.3.0-posix-seh-rt_v5-rev1/mingw64/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-w64-mingw32/6.3.0/../../../../x86_64-w64-mingw32/bin/as.exe: .obj\debug\IFCReaderGen1.o: too many sections (40453)
    {standard input}: Assembler messages:
    {standard input}: Fatal error: can't write 169 bytes to section .text of .obj\debug\IFCReaderGen1.o because: 'File too big'

    ~/> as.exe --version
    GNU assembler (GNU Binutils) 2.27
    This assembler was configured for a target of `x86_64-w64-mingw32'.

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