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[SOLVED] Video files in external Qt resource file can not play

  • I have an application where I included text, images and video in the Qt resource file. I want to add more files and I want to use the rcc tool included with Qt to make a external binary resource files that I can dynamically load on startup.

    There has been no change to the code as the paths to the files are the same. The only difference is that I must load the external binary resource file with QResource::registerResource().

    The application still works as intended except video files. This means the text and images are read/shown as before, but the video can not play. I do not get any runtime warnings or error.

    I packed the resource file with -binary and -no-compress options. Is there some reason for why the video files can not be played? The resource is found!

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    I may be wrong, but it's possible that the multimedia backend don't handle media files from Qt's resources system. AFAIK, the backends are using native APIs that don't know how to handle qrc paths.

  • I have filed a bug report and it seems this is a bug in the DirectShow backend. This means it is affected when using Windows and MinGW compiler.

    See bug status here.

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    Good, I stand corrected, that's at least something that might be fixable

  • @SGaist is this bug cleared? I mean, can we load media files from .qrc ?

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    Yes, it is fixed since Qt 5.6.2, as the linked bug report suggests.