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GUI Screen

  • Hi, What are the library available in Qt5.0.2 to make a Gui Screen.
    For example Media player. If we play a song in our Mobile

    • Artist name
    • Song name
    • song screen and media player symbols are present
      So how can i Create a Screen which is having all windows which are mention above.
      My OS is Linux 12.04

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    Im really not sure what you are asking about so I suggest you install QT Designer and have a look at the
    Media Player example.

    Also, in Qt you can make Gui "screens" with widgets as seen in normal desktop programs and also with Qt quick /qml which a dynamic web style design language.

    you could try it out with

  • @mrjj thankyou for ur reply i am asking how to create Symbols on Screen..
    i Have Qt5.0.2

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    Ok, by symbols I assume you mean like text and icons and buttons. Let us call these widgets.

    If you start Qt Designer and select
    New Project from File menu
    An then select
    Qt Widget Application in center.
    Then give it a name
    And press Next , next, and then press finished.

    Now you have a default Gui project.

    Click on Edit
    Click on Forms
    click on mainwindow.ui

    you can now drag text, buttons and other widgets to the grey area in the center.

    Also , you must read some docs to understand how to use it.

    you can start with