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Maemo application development with qt creator

  • Hello!

    I have developed and deployed my new maemo application with qt creator. I am having some issues though, related to adding application's icon and some text files. I have found this useful article which explains the packaging process outside qt creator:

    The question is, if a documentation page, a wiki or something else like that exists, that would explain how the hole packaging process should be done inside qt creator (including setting icons, adding files etc..).

    Thanks in advance.

  • Moderators

    The Qt creator in master has made huge improvements with deploying applications to devices. If somebody wants to invest time in writing a wiki-page on this topic it might make sense to use the master branch for that.

  • I suppose the wiki is a good idea, but investing time for the wiki page wouldn't be a loss of time if this kind of documentation would be provided by the next Nokia Qt SDK?

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    We are not in a feature freeze, so I can not say what will be in the next version of creator, even less so what will be documented;-).

    I just wanted to point out that we are improving the deployment area of functionality. A wiki page would be helpful for us for the following reasons:

    • It documents where you run into trouble, providing valuable feedback on what to improve.
    • It could get integrated with the offical documentation (if the authors are OK with it).

    Both would be good I think:-)

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